Contracts Panel

Use Contracts panel to create, edit, and view contracts that help your organization remain compliant with license agreements based on the agreements' referenced product use rights, or PURs.

Layout of the Contracts panel

The layout of the Contracts panel includes a list of categories in the left pane and a toolbar at the top right (visible when a category on the left is selected). The right pane, the largest area of the panel, is where you can view and modify contracts. The right pane changes according to whatever you select in the left pane, and Purchasing "remembers" where you were last in your current browser session.


The Contract panel's toolbar includes the following buttons:

  • Add: Select to add a new contract.
  • Search: Select to search for contracts. The toolbar expands to include a line where you enter your search criteria.
  • Refresh: Select to refresh the contents of the right pane.
  • Export to Excel: Select to export the contents of the right pane to an Excel spreadsheet. You'll be prompted to open the results or save them to a file in the path you choose.

Left Pane

The left pane includes the following categories for specific tasks:

  • Information: Provides an overview of contracts and how to use this panel.
  • All Contracts: Lists all existing contracts.
  • Expiring: Lists all contracts that already expired or will expire within the number of days specified in the Preferences panel. (The default is 90 days.)
  • By Status: Lists all contracts that fall into each of these categories: Active and Expired.
  • Migrate Contracts: Lists any contracts that cover software line items that need to be updated to use core-based licensing. This is relevant for purchases of certain versions and editions of Microsoft Windows Server.
    • Select the Migrate hyperlink for any contract(s) listed here to open a window where you can update those line items for accurate analysis in License Analytics. If you skip this step for any affected line items, those line items are not analyzed in License Analytics and will generate exceptions.
    • Select the Edit hyperlink for any contract(s) listed here that you want to view. If the vendor has allowed you to override the terms of your licensing agreement, you can also edit the contract from here.  

Right Rane

The right pane updates with your selection in the left pane, showing the contracts that pertain to your selection on the left, as described above. To view contracts, select on the appropriate link in the left panel. From here, you can:

  • Select the Search toolbar button to search for contracts based on a variety of criteria.
  • Select the Edit hyperlink to edit a contract.
  • Select the Note icon to view any notes on this contract.
  • Select the Related icon to view any documents associated with this contract.
  • Select the History hyperlink to view a contract's history.
  • Select the View Line Items hyperlink to see what line items are covered under a given contract.
  • Select the Delete hyperlink to remove the contract.