Line Items Panel

Line items are the items that make up an order.  For example, an order for a new computer might include the CPU itself, a monitor, software, and software maintenance.

Use the Line Items panel to view and edit previously entered line items. You can also assign line items to groups, users, and machines here, and reconcile line items based on their type, or you can go to the Assign and Reconcile panels to handle these tasks.

Layout of the Line Items Panel

The layout of the Line Items panel includes a toolbar at the top of the right pane and a list of line item categories in the left pane. The right pane, the largest area of the panel, is where you can view and modify line items. The right pane changes according to whatever you select in the left pane, and Purchasing "remembers" where you were last in your current browser session.


The following buttons appear in the top right of the panel:

  • Search: Click to search for order information. The toolbar expands to include a line where you enter your search criteria.
  • Refresh: Click to refresh the contents of the right pane.
  • Export to Excel: Click to export the contents of the right pane to an Excel spreadsheet. You'll be prompted to open the results or save them to a file in the path you choose.

Left Pane

When you select an item in the left pane, the right pane updates to show relevant information:

  • Information: Provides explanatory text on the components of this panel and how to use it.
  • All Line Items: Lists all current line items, with subcategories for Hardware, Hardware Maintenance, Software, Software Maintenance, and Software Upgrade. You can select an item's Edit link to edit this line item, or select an order number to edit the order that contains the line item. You can also select the Assign link to edit an item's assignment.
  • Expiring: Lists all maintenance agreements that are set to expire within the number of days specified in the Preferences panel (30 days is the default), with subcategories for hardware and software. You can select an item's Renew link to renew this line item, or select an order number to edit the order that contains the line item.
  • Line Item Exceptions: Lists any line items exceptions, grouped by type: Missing Contract (any line items that are reconciled to a License Analytics title but are not associated with a contract) and Missing Quantity Units (line items where the quantity unit needs to be specified). See How to Manage Line Item Exceptions.

Right Pane

The right pane updates with your selection in the left pane, showing the records that pertain to your selection on the left, as described above. You can select an item's Edit hyperlink to make changes to it, its referenced order number to view information about the entire order, or its Assign hyperlink to assign the item.