Upgrading to a New CAM Version

You can upgrade to a new version from CAM versions 13.0 and later.

 This topic applies to on-premises installations.

The Access Point Proxy in CAM version 14.0 and earlier must be uninstalled prior to installing CAM version 14.1.

When you run camsetup.exe on a machine containing an older version of CAM components, those components will be upgraded.

Important: If you upgrade to CAM 15.4 and are using CSM and/or SAML Authentication, please see How to Change the Authentication Method.

Upgrade to a new CAM version using camsetup.exe:

  1. Back up your existing CAM database. See Backing Up Your Existing CAM Database for detailed instructions.
  2. Download the cam.zip file and extract the cam[version] folder from it.
  3. From the cam[version] folder, run camsetup.exe on each workstation or server where the components below are installed.

    If earlier versions of these CAM components are installed to different machines, update them by running camsetup.exe on each machine, in the following order:

    1. Database


      If a previously installed version of the database was moved, when you're prompted to enter a database name, give the "new" database the same name as the previously installed version. When prompted, enter the username and password used for the previously installed version of the database.

      If you backed up your database in step 1, you can skip the prompts to back up your database.

      If you can't run camsetup.exe on your database machine, follow the instructions in the next section.

    2. Access Point
    3. Administrator & Administration Service
    4. Reporting (including SaaS Analytics), License Analytics, and Purchasing
  4. Continue with the setup until the installation is complete. You may be prompted to reboot.
Important: If you upgrade to CAM 15.4 and have existing SCCM connections:
  1. Re-enter the SQL Server.
  2. If using SQL Authentication, re-enter username and password.
  3. Open collections and select Ok (The previous selected collections will be preserved).
  4. Open mappings and select Ok (The previous mappings will be preserved).

Upgrade the CAM Database without using camsetup.exe

If you can't or don't want to run camsetup.exe on your SQL Server, see Remote CAM Database Installation.

This also applies to installation on SQL Clusters.