Getting Started Checklist

Several steps are recommended before, during, and after installing Cherwell Asset Management.

Before Installing

  • Review the requirements for installing Cherwell Asset Management.
  • Hosted installations: Locate the email message from Cherwell that outlines the installation process and provides login credentials.
  • On-premises installations: Familiarize yourself with the components of the product and plan where to install each of them.
  • Analyze your network for any pre-installation issues.
  • On-premises installations: Learn how to upgrade to a new CAM version.

Installing Server Components

  • Hosted installations: Refer to the email message you received from Cherwell for complete installation instructions.
  • On-premises installations: Run Setup to install components.

After Installing

The first time you run CAM Administrator, the Setup Wizard starts and walks you through the steps to perform several common tasks. You can also use the Setup Checklist for help getting the most out of your use of Cherwell Asset Management.

CSM authentication: If you plan to use CSM authentication at your site, please see Checklist for Using CSM Authentication for procedures for using CSM authentication with Cherwell Asset Management.