OOTB IT Portal Site

CSM comes with an OOTB IT Portal site, complete with Portal-specific forms and dashboards.

The site is built using OOTB site items and predefined properties (below). If you want to implement ITSM, you can implement this site so that you can explore the features, and then modify it or create new sites to meet the needs of your organization. OOTB site items include:

  • Home Dashboard: Directs customers to log and/or view Incidents and Service Requests, find help by browsing Knowledge Articles and FAQs, and manage their devices through Service Requests. Also displays live metrics (global and personal) and a live announcement board.

    CSM also provides a not logged-in dashboard for anonymous customers. This dashboard is simple and provides access to only a few self-service operations (example: Resetting a password).

  • Service Catalog: Displays all available services in a dynamic card format.
  • Metrics: Displays detailed metrics for the customer (My Items), department (Department Items), and records (Status and Problems). Metrics are displayed by using dashboards.
  • Portal-specific Incident, Change Request, and Knowledge Article Forms: Simple forms help customers log and manage their own records.

OOTB IT Portal Site properties include:

  • General properties: Defines the name (IT) and associated document repository (Default Portal Documents).
  • Display properties: Defines the Startup Item to display when first accessed (a dashboard named Portal (not logged in)) and the alternate Startup dashboard to display upon login (Portal Default). Also defines the theme and search control.
  • Banner properties: Defines the title and subtitle, as well as the colors.
  • Footer properties: No footer is used.
  • Menu bar properties: Defines which items to display on the menu bar (Home, Service Catalog, My Devices, IT calendar, charts and items, and Service Orders).
    • Reset Password is a conditional menu item that only displays when the Portal (not logged in) dashboard is active.
    • The BeyondTrust Chat Request menu item is also conditional and displays only when BeyondTrust is enabled.
    • Service Orders is conditional and only displays when the Service Cart Enabled Stored Value is set to True. This value must be set for each language.
  • Localization properties: Translated sites are available for Spanish, French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese. You can override certain properties for each translated site.