Implement a Portal

Use these steps to implement the supplied IT Portal site.

Complete the following steps to implement the supplied IT Portal site:

  1. Review the Portal site. Understand the supplied site items (dashboards, the Service Catalog, the discussion board, the document repository) and the supplied properties (header/footer, menu bar).
  2. Configure required Portal settings:
    1. Configure the Portal URL.
    2. Set the default domain in CSM Administrator.
    3. Create Portal login credentials for a customer. Typically, this is done as part of the security setup.

      CSM provides other default settings (example: anonymous login, password enforcement rules); you can change these, if needed, but it is not required.

  3. (Optional) Explore ideas for Portal site design. For more information, see Portal site design ideas.
  4. (Optional) See ideas for creating a custom Portal. For more information, see Create a custom Portal.