Create a Custom Portal

You can use these options or create a Portal from scratch.

We recommend starting with this design and then customizing it to your specific needs. However, users can create a Portal from scratch, if needed.

To create a custom Portal:

  1. Design the Portal (site items, navigation, security).
  2. Create the site items to include on each site. Users can include the following:
  3. Run the Site Wizard to create one or more cursory sites: Create cursory layout and characteristics for the site (title, Business Object associations, display, and document repository association).
  4. Refine/edit sites using the Site Editor and Site Properties window: Refine the way the site/site items look and behave. For more information, see Refine/edit a site.
  5. Configure the Portal. For more information, see Configure a Portal (settings, login credentials, password enforcement rules).