Add New Configuration Item Types

After CSM adds the data to the CMDB and checks against the current inventory, if the ID doesn't exist, the data resides in the Config — Not Inventoried table. Add new Configuration Item (CI) Types, so CSM recognizes it during rediscovery.

There are two ways you can add new CI Types to your CMDB inventory:

  • Open the CMDB record, and then select the Change Asset Type link (under Actions).

    This tells CSM that every time this ID is imported, assign it to this CI type.

  • Create a new Business Object (in the Object Manager in CSM Administrator).
    • Ensure you add the new CI Types to the Configuration Item Type table in the CSM Desktop Client (Tools > Table Management) and populate the Configuration Item Type ID.
    • Update the CI Type expression (under Config — Not Inventoried) with the new criteria for the CI Type added.
    • Add a new Case expression to the list and the type(s) of devices and other data that tells a One-Step™ Action what CI Type it is.