CMDB Interface

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) interface is a tool that allows you to quickly manage Configuration Item (CI) records. Use the CMDB interface to take the following actions:

  • View CI records: View a Grid list of CI records or a specific record in detail.
  • Find a specific CI record using filtering and searching options.
  • Create, edit, or delete a CI record.

The CMDB interface can be opened several ways from the CSM Desktop Client or Browser Client.

To open the CMDB interface:

The following image shows the CMDB interface.

CMDB Interface


  1. Filters: View all CI records, or filter by CI Type (example: Computer, Printer, and so on.), Customer (example: All or named Customer), and/or timeframe (example: Anytime, Today, Previous Month, and so on).
  2. Search: Search for a specific CI record (example: Search any searchable field, such as Asset Tag, Host name, and so on).
  3. Record View: Displays Grid list of CI records or a specific CI record.

Good to know:

  • From the Grid, you can print, export, run an Action, sort, filter, group, size, move/reorder, and add/remove columns. Double-click a record to display it.
  • See CMDB Interface Behaviors for tips on working with CI records in the CMDB interface.