Update Work Items with Planview Fields

The Work Item form in CSM has fields associated with Planview that are not currently displayed on the form. You can manually add these fields to the form.

This functionality is only available after you apply the mApp Solution.

To add fields associated with Planview to the Work Item form:

  1. From CSM Administrator, create a Blueprint.
  2. Under Show object types, select the Supporting option.
  3. Select the Work Item Business Object, and then under Appearance, select Edit form.
  4. Under Work Item forms, double-click Planview Fields.
    The Planview Fields form displays and shows all the fields you can add to your Work Item form.
  5. Copy and paste any fields you want to add to your Work Item form onto the Task form.
  6. Add a Link Label Control to the Work Item form, under Actions.
    This link will allow you to check for updates in Planview.
    1. Right-click the Link Label Control, and then select Control Properties.
    2. In the Choose Action window, under Action, select the ellipses.
    3. In the next Choose Action window, on the left, select the One-Step Actions page.
    4. In the Association drop-down list, select None, and then select the Global folder on the left.
    5. Double-click the Planview folder, and then double-click the Import TasksOne-Step Action.
    6. Select OK, and then select OK again.
  7. Publish the Blueprint.