Implementing Email Monitoring

When implementing email monitoring, use the demo CSM email monitor as a starting point to implement and test email monitoring. When ready to transition to production, configure the Email and Event Monitor account, and then create an Email Monitor.

To implement email monitoring:

  1. Define general settings for the demo Email Monitor. See Define General Options for an Email Monitor.

    These settings can also be accessed from the Getting Started page in CSM Administrator (Help > Go to Getting Started Page).

  2. Test the demo Email Monitor. See Send a test email through the E-mail Monitor.
  3. Once you are satisfied with your settings in the demo Email Monitor, create a new Email Monitor for production using those settings, and configure it with your production email account. See Create an Email Monitor.

    We recommend not to simply configure the demo Email Monitor with the production account. You should create a new Email Monitor using the settings you tested.

  4. Disable the demo Email Monitor. See Disable a Monitor.