Licensing CSM

CSM uses a concurrent or floating license model to control how many users can log in at the same time. This means that a fixed number of licenses are shared among a group of users/customers, and that a fixed number of people can simultaneously access the product.

License codes determine the number of people who can log in at any given time.

Example: If 100 licenses are purchased (100-person concurrent license), 100 people can log into CSM at any given time; the 101st person is prohibited. When any one of the 100 people logs out, the next person can log in.

License consumption varies depending on the product, who logs in (user or customer), and what tasks each person performs.

License keys are valid for a set time period. Keys expire at 12 AM on the expiration date. For example, a key that has an expiration date of September 24, 2020, expires at the beginning of September 24 rather than at the end of that day. Expiration time is based on the time zone of the Cherwell Application Server server.