Add Users to Slack Channels

You can add CSM users to Slack channels if they belong to the Slack workspace configured for CSM and their Slack email address is identical to the one in the CSM address book. You can add users when you create the Slack channel or add them to the conversation later.

You can add one user to the channel at a time.

To add users to a Slack channel from CSM:

  1. From a saved Business Object record, expand the Related Items pane.
  2. Select the Chat page, and then:
    • Select Start Slack Conversation.
    • Select the Invite Users icon.
  3. On the Channel Properties dialog:
    • Type the email address of the user.
    • Select the Address Book icon, and then search for or select the user to add.

    To select multiple users, hold down the Ctrl key and select each user to add from the list.

  4. Select OK.