Configure Slack Channel Naming Conventions

By default, names for Slack channels created from within the Related Items pane use the internal name of a Business Object and its public ID in this format: businessobjectinternalname-id. You cannot modify the use of the internal name, but you can use a custom field instead of the public ID.

This task is part of a larger workflow: Configure Slack for the Related Items Pane.

The following guidelines apply to Slack channel naming conventions:

  • Users cannot modify channel names.
  • The entire name of a Slack channel cannot exceed 80 characters.
  • Channel names must be unique.

To change default naming conventions for Slack channels:

  1. Create a Blueprint.
  2. From the Object Manager, select the Business Object that is configured to integrate with Slack. For example, select Incident.
  3. Create or modify a field with the following settings on the Field Properties window:
    Field Type (General page)Text
    Length (General page)No more than 19 characters.
    Calculated Value (Properties page)For best results, add an expression that automatically calculates a unique value for the field, such as a counter.
    General attributes (Advanced page)Add this atttribute: ChatChannelIdentifier.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. Publish the Blueprint.

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