Configure Slack for the Related Items Pane

Steps to configure the Slack integration with Related Item Navigation include setting a Slack OAuth token in CSM, configuring security rights in CSM Administrator, and verifying Public ID settings for the Major Business Object that will integrate with Slack.

To integrate Slack with the Related Items pane:

  1. Configure your Slack workspace for the Related Item Navigation integration.
    See Configure a Slack Workspace for the Related Items Pane.
  2. In CSM Administrator, grant third-party chat integrations security rights to:
    • Users who will configure third-party chat integrations.
    • Users who will create, view, and participate in chat channels and conversations.

    See Third-party Chat Security Rights.

  3. In CSM Administrator, enable third-party chat integrations and add the Slack OAuth app token.
    See Configure Third-party Chat Integration Settings for Slack.
  4. In CSM Administrator, create a Blueprint, and then enable Related Item Navigation for Business Objects that will integrate with Slack. Be sure to enable Chat visibility.
    See Configure Related Item Navigation.
  5. In CSM Administrator, verify Public ID settings for the Business Object that will integrate with Slack.
    See Configure Slack Channel Naming Conventions.