Add a Post-Transition Action

Add One-Step™ Actions and other actions to execute after transitions in your Business Object lifecycle.

Use the Lifecycle Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator) to add post-transition actions to your lifecycle.

  1. Open an existing Business Object lifecycle in the Business Object Lifecycle Editor.
  2. Select the status on the designer board that you want to add the post-transition action to.
    The Transitions area is shown below the designer board.
  3. Select the transition that you want to add the action after, and select Edit.
    The Edit Transition window opens.
  4. Select the Post Actions tab, ensure the rule is selected, and then select Edit .
  5. Add a One-Step Action or select Execute Action and choose from the expanding list.
    When you select Execute Action, you can select a "Direct Action" (as opposed to a One-Step Action ), that should be executed automatically, when some event takes place. For more information, see Define Actions for a Simple Action/Event Automation Process.
  6. Select the Run in background check box if you are using actions that don't modify the Business Object itself (example: sending emails, adding to queues). When the check box is selected, the Service Host performs the actions in a queue, whereas when the check box is cleared, the action is performed instantly (example: automatically populate a field).

    To execute post-transition actions successfully in the background, the Cherwell Service Host must be running.

  7. Select OK twice.
  8. Select Save on the toolbar (or select Ctrl+S) to save your lifecycle while working. Select OK at the end when editing is complete and you want to save your lifecycle and close the Lifecycle Editor.
  9. If not valid, you are not allowed to save and are asked to fix the issues. See Validate a Lifecycle.

  10. Publish the Blueprint (File > Publish Blueprint) to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint (File > Save Blueprint) to continue making other changes.