Add Statuses and Stages

Add statuses and stages to your Business Object lifecycle to represent your business process.

Use the Lifecycle Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator) to add stages and statuses. At a minimum, you need one stage and two statuses to make up a lifecycle. One of the statuses must be marked as the final stage.

You can have multiple final statuses (example: Closed Done, Closed Won't Do, Closed Duplicate) but you cannot have multiple final stages.

  1. Drag a status on to the yellow cross on the designer board.
    A box appears with default status and stage names.
  2. In the Status section of the Properties area, select Status 1 in the Status Name field and rename the status to your choice of name (example: Emergency Change). Select Tab or Enter to apply your name change to the box.
  3. Select the New Stage button and change the name of the stage to your chosen name (example: Classification). Select Tab or Enter to apply your name change to the box.
    The stage name displays in the box and the stage changes color. The stage name is also added to the drop-down list.
  4. Optional: Repeat steps 1-3 until you have all the statuses and stages you need to complete your lifecycle.

    When a status is dropped between stages, it adopts the name & color of the previous stage.

    When choosing stage names from the drop-down list, you see a logically available list depending on the location of the status in the lifecycle.
  5. Highlight the stage that you want to be the final one and select Set Final Stage.
    The banner across the box changes color to show that the stage is the final one in the lifecycle.
  6. Select Save on the toolbar (or select Ctrl+S) to save your lifecycle while working. Select OK at the end when editing is complete and you want to save your lifecycle and close the Lifecycle Editor.
  7. If not valid, you are not allowed to save and are asked to fix the issues. See Validate a Lifecycle.

  8. Publish the Blueprint (File > Publish Blueprint) to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint (File > Save Blueprint) to continue making other changes.