Add a Link Widget to a Dashboard

A Link Widget is capable of executing a single Action when selected (example: Run an Action/One-Step Action). You can also enter a simple URL.

Use the Dashboard Editor to add a Link Widget to a dashboard.

Good to know:

  • A Link Widget is highly configurable. Add one or many to a dashboard, then define the Action to run when the link is selected, and how the link looks and behaves on the dashboard (example: text, size, color, background style and gloss, border style, image, alignment, anchoring, layering, and visibility). See Define How a Widget Looks and Behaves on a Dashboard.
  • Text, image, and colors can be conditional (Expression-driven).
  • See Dashboard Editor Behaviors for tips on working with widgets on dashboards.

To add a Link Widget to a dashboard:

  1. Open a dashboard in the Dashboard Editor.
  2. Drag the Link Widget from the Shapes, Etc. tree onto the dashboard.
  3. Right-click the Link Widget, and then select Widget Properties. Either define the Action to execute when the link is selected, or enter a URL:
    1. Select Action, and then select the ellipsis button Ellipses Button to open the Action Manager, then select the Action to execute.
      1. If you select a One-Step™ Action, you can either select or clear the Show Progress check box to control whether the progress dialog for the One-Step Action appears while it runs.
    2. Select Web Link, and then type the URL of the web page that should open.
  4. Define the text to display on the link:
    1. In the Label text box on the Dashboard Editor toolbar, provide the text to display in the link.
    2. (Optional) Change the font, font size, font style, font alignment, and text wrap, if needed.
  5. Define how the Link Widget looks and behaves on the Dashboard (example: Size, alignment, etc.).
  6. Continue making changes, or select OK to save and close the editor.