Cherwell Outlook Add-In Interface

The Outlook Add-In interface options appear in both the inbox and when composing an outgoing e-mail.

  1. Cherwell group in the Outlook ribbon. From here:
    • Configure the Add-In to connect to CSM and scan incoming e-mails.
    • Automatically link incoming e-mails to records if the Add-In can identify a Customer and a specific Business Object Record.
    • Link e-mails that already exist in Outlook, click the Rescan Items button to establish links. When an e-mail is linked to a record, the e-mail is tracked and stored as a Journal - Mail History Record on the linked record.
  2. At the bottom of each e-mail in Outlook, the Add-In interacts directly with linked Business Object Records.
    • Open a quick view of the Customer Record or Business Object Record, or go directly to the records in CSM.
    • Execute One-Step Actions against linked records.
    • If the Add-In cannot identify a Customer from an incoming e-mail, access the CSM Contact Manager and manually select a Customer; or associate the e-mail with a recipient (someone on the To or Cc line of the e-mail).
    • If the Add-In cannot find one specific Business Object Record to link to, it provides a list of the most recent records associated with the identified Customer. Select a record from this list and link an e-mail to it.

      Outlook Add-In Interface

  3. In outgoing e-mails (new e-mails, replies, or forwards sent from Outlook), insert links to Business Object Records, add Attachments, and add recipients.

    Outlook Add-In Message ribbon interface