Search for Knowledge Articles from a Record and Use the Found Solution

Use an open Business Object record to search for a Knowledge Article (KA) and attach a found solution to the record for future reference.

In the CSM Browser Client, use the Related Item Navigation Solution Search tab to search for and use Knowledge sources.

The following information applies to the CSM Desktop Client.

Good to Know:

  • To place the information from the KA into the current record, you must use the Knowledge pane. Searching Knowledge from the Quick Search widget or the Quick Search in the Task pane does not provide this option.
  • If the Knowledge tab is not displayed on the right side of the CSM Desktop Client main window, right-click the CSM Desktop Client toolbar area and select Knowledge.
  • The way in which the record is linked depends on the configuration (examples: Data could be copied into the record, a journal entry could be added, or the record could be linked via a relationship). For KAs, selecting the Use Solution button also increments the KA's usage count.

To search for Knowledge from an open record:

  1. Open the Knowledge pane.
  2. In the Knowledge pane toolbar, define Knowledge pane search options.
  3. In the Search For Field, specify a word or phrase to search (example: Printing).
  4. In the Options section, define Knowledge pane options.
  5. Select the Go button to run the search.

    Knowledge pane results open in the Knowledge pane.

  6. Select a Knowledge Article that you want to view.

    The KA opens in a new window.

  7. Select the Use Solution button to link the KA information to the record.

    The field in which the solution is placed is defined using Knowledge mapping in CSM Administrator.

    The solution is placed in the defined field.