Use Rich Text in E-mails

The E-mail and Event Monitor (EEM) and Outlook Integration Manager automatically import Rich Text from e-mails into Rich Text-enabled Fields in CSM Business Objects. For example, an e-mail monitor configured to create Incident records from incoming e-mails can populate Incident Description fields with rich content (example: Embedded screenshots, etc.) contained in the e-mails.

To ensure that Business Object Fields are populated with rich content from e-mails:

  1. Configure Rich Text settings for the E-mail and Event Monitor to ensure that images contained in e-mails are preserved and attached to Business Objects (no special configuration is required for the Outlook Integration Manager to use Rich Text).
  2. Enable Rich Text on the Business Object Fields that the body of the e-mail is configured to be moved into.
  3. Verify that the Rich Text Fields in Business Objects (example: Incidents) created by the EEM or Outlook Integration Manager are properly formatted after import.
  4. If rich content is imported into a plain text Field, ensure that the Rich Text is properly converted to plain text.

When you send e-mails from the Desktop Client, Browser Client, or Portal, you have the option to send them in either Rich Text or plain text format.