Quick Search Results

When you run a Quick Search, the Search Results display based on All Words or Any Words logic according to their Relevancy ranking, which means the records most likely to be relevant to your search string display at the top of the results.

There is a Hierarchy of Default Settings for Search Results. The results can display in one of two views:

  • Grid View
  • List View

For more information, see Hierarchy of Default Settings for Search Results and About Grids.

Toggle between these two views by selecting View > Results in Grid.

To change the Sort Order:

When searching a specific Business Object (Example: Incident) in Quick Search Widget or Task Pane Quick Search, the Sort by drop-down list defaults to Relevancy, but the User can change this selection and/or select a specific column header in the Search Results grid to change the sort order. These manual selections are only good for the current search session. When you start a new search session, the Sort By - Relevancy default returns.

If card view is enabled for a Business Object (in a Business Object's properties in CSM Administrator), the search results for that object are displayed in a web-like list or as medium or large cards. Toggle between Grid and Card View formats using the Results as Card View option in the View menu.

You can use the Navigation toolbar to Navigate Search Results. For more information, see Navigate Search Results.