Quick Searches Good to Know

Use Quick Searches good to know for useful information and recommendations.

  • Enable or disable a Business Object and related fields to appear in Quick Search Relevancy results.
  • You can view Quick Search results as a list, in a grid, or in card view. Each provide additional information about the results.
  • The Task Pane does not display by default.
  • When Search Attachments is selected in the Quick Search widget, the search returns results that match the text within .txt, .doc, and .xls files and will return any file type with a matching file name.

    To include attachment types of .docx and .xlsx, you must install the Microsoft Filter Pack on the SQL Server machine. Run the following SQL commands:

    • EXEC sp_fulltext_service 'update_languages';
    • EXEC sp_fulltext_service 'load_os_resources', 1;
    • EXEC sp_fulltext_service 'restart_all_fdhosts';
    For details on installing the Microsoft Filter Pack, visit the Microsoft website.

Always consider the following:

  • The Quick Search Widget is customizable. The system administrator decides if it is displayed, which Business Objects can be searched, and what the search options are. Your default search control (either system or role) is initially set in CSM Administrator by a system administrator; however, if you have security rights, you can select your own default.
  • The Quick Search Query Builder behaves differently from Quick Search. See Quick Search Query Builder.
  • Security rights control access to CSM functionality and are configured in the Security Group Manager in CSM Administrator (Security > Edit Security Groups). See Searches Security Rights.