View the Blueprint Publish Log

Use the Publish Log to view detailed information about Blueprints published to your system.

The log tracks the following details in a Grid:

  • A short description of the change the published Blueprint made to the system.
  • Type (example: Form) and name (example: Incident) of the system definitions that were changed by the Blueprint.
  • User Name of the person who published the Blueprint.
  • Dates/times that the Blueprint publish was initiated and completed.
  • Scope (example: Global) of the system definition (if applicable), as well as the scope owner (if applicable).
  • User-defined name of the Blueprint file (.bp).
  • Business Object associated with the definition (if applicable) (Association column).
  • The view (example: Portal Default) that the Blueprint change applies to (if applicable).
  • The path where the Blueprint file was saved (if applicable).

The Blueprint Publish Log can be opened from the Blueprint Editor menu bar (Tools>View Publish Log).

  • Menu bar: Click the File menu to perform the following operations:
    • Clear Log: Select this option to clear all entries in the log, or to clear all entries prior to a specified date.
    • Export: Select this option to export the Grid of Publish Log data to a file.
    • Print: Select this option to print the Grid of Publish Log data.
    • Close: Select this option to close the Publish Log window.

      You can also select Clear Log, Export, and Print from a context menu by right-clicking an item in the Publish Log.

  • Toolbar: Select an option from the View drop-down to filter the items in the Publish Log:
    • All Records: Shows everything that was published in a Blueprint.
    • Definition type: Shows all definitions of a particular type (example: Business Object). When you select this option, a Definition drop-down is displayed on the toolbar, and then select a definition type.
    • Only Definition Changes: Shows only the definitions that were changed by the published Blueprint.
    • Particular User: Shows the definitions that were published by a particular User. When this option is selected, a User drop-down is displayed on the toolbar, where you can select a User.
    • View: Shows the definitions that apply to a particular View (example: Default). When this option is selected, a View drop-down is displayed on the toolbar, and then select a View.
  • Refresh: Click this button to refresh the data in the Publish Log.
  • Download Blueprint: Click this button to download the selected Blueprint.
  • Create rollback Blueprint: Select this check box to create a rollback Blueprint when downloading a Blueprint. This allows you to undo a Blueprint's changes.
  • Main Pane: Displays the Grid of Publish Log data, filtered by View.