Troubleshooting Data and Databases

General Troubleshooting

  • For any problems or issues in importing, linking, or connecting to databases through CSM, contact a database administrator or Cherwell Support.
  • When updating to a new software version, choose to update the existing database to the most recent database version. Updating a CSM database installs any new and required internal system definitions.
  • Import data should be maintained in CSM and linked to transient or reference data that can be maintained outside CSM. There are pros and cons of both imported and linked data.
  • Only users with correct permissions can use the database tools. If a user cannot see database tools, verify that the user has administrator security rights.
  • When Cherwell Services use a Windows Authentication connection, the account under which the Cherwell Application Service is running is the account whose credentials are used to connect to the database. The account must have select rights for each table that is importing or linking to CSM. If intending to allow CSM to update data in the database, then this account must also have insert and update rights.

OLE Database Connection Troubleshooting

Drivers should be available from a database vendor. Consult a database provider for assistance locating this driver. There are also OLE database drivers from third-party vendors that can be used. Although ODBC Drivers is an option in this list, it is not compatible with the .NET OLE database mechanism, which is used by CSM for communication with external data sources.

SQL Database Connection Troubleshooting

If connecting to a named instance of a SQL (a non-default instance of SQL), then provide the instance in the Specific Server value using the format: DatabaseServer\InstanceName.

External Business Object and External Data Connection Troubleshooting

  • External data can only be imported into External Business Objects, ensure your selected Business Object is an External Business Object.
  • A combination of imported and linked data can be used, but not within the same Business Object. The option to Link Data is disabled when applicable: if data has already been imported into the Business Object or an External Connection is being created.
  • The Link to Data option is available only when creating a new Business Object; connecting to an existing Business Object must be performed with an import.
  • Use an existing Business Object to share external data. To use an existing Business Object, map an Existing CSM External Business Object to Import External Data, and then import the external data (linking from an existing Business Object is not allowed).
  • SQL Server: In order to use SQL Full-Text Search, it must be configured in the external database. Refer to SQL Server documentation for details on how to set up Full-Text Search.
  • If External data is not importing at the selected time (example: when the selected Unique Key field was Last Modified) ensure SQL indexes have been assigned to the selected fields. Assign SQL indexes in CSM Administrator and the Business Object Editor (Business Object Editor > Business Object Properites > Databases > Add Index button > Select Last Modified Date/Time values ).
  • Some advanced data types may not import into CSM and are not supported (example: Int data types).

CSV Data Troubleshooting

  • Commas are the only accepted separators.
  • CSV data can only be imported, it cannot link to CSV data.
  • Before importing CSV data, prepare the data so the column names are specified in the first row.
  • Save an Excel Spreadsheet as a .csv file by selecting File>Save As and choosing the .csv file format from the Save As Type box.