mApp Solutions Good to Know

Use these tips for helpful information on mApp® Solutions.

  • mApp Solutions affect system definitions and are used and managed from within CSM Administrator. Access mApp Solutions and mApp Solutions functionality from the CSM AdministratormApp Solutions page.
  • When you include a definition in a mApp Solution, you decide how it will be handled when the mApp Solution is applied to a target system:
    • Import: Imports the definition into the target system.
    • Remove: Removes the definition from the target system.
    • For Reference Only: Includes the definition in the mApp Solution for informational purposes only (the definition is not imported into the target system). You should rarely (if ever) need to do this manually, as the system automatically adds definitions as necessary for reference only. For example, to:
      • Identify the Business Object associated with an item (example: One-Step™ Action) in a mApp Solution so that it can be associated correctly in the target system.
      • Identify a group leader when only some group members are added to a mApp Solution.
      • Identify the view that items belong to. For Reference Only allows items to be imported into systems that might not have the same associations, groups, or views available.
  • If a definition in a mApp Solution is matched to a definition in a target system, you can select how to import it and what to do with the existing definition:
    • Overwrite: Overwrites the existing definition in the target system.
    • Don't Import: Skips importing the mApp Solution definition into the target system (the existing definition is left unchanged).
    • Merge: Merges the mApp Solution definition with the definition in the target system (you can import/overwrite or skip importing individual areas of the definitions).
  • The following definitions can be merged:
    • Business Objects
    • Fields (individual fields and their properties)
    • Relationships (individual relationships and their properties)
    • Form arrangements (individual tabs)
    • Business Object Actions (areas [example: Task Pane] and individual Actions)

    For more information, see Configure Merge Actions for Business Object Definitions.

  • Security rights control access to CSM functionality and are configured in the Security Group Manager in CSM Administrator (Security > Edit Security Groups). For more information, see Security rights and Configure mApp Solution Security Rights.
  • In OOTB content versions 10.0.x, 10.1.x, and 10.2.0, the Related Item Navigation feature is enabled for the Incident and Problem Business Objects. If you have a mApp Solution that was created on a content version earlier than 10.0.0, and it overwrites or merges with Incident or Problem (such as the Managed Service Provider mApp Solution), review the Related Item Navigation within these Business Objects before you publish the mApp Solution Blueprint. Verify that you need all items within the Related Item Navigation and remove any tabs that are not for reference purposes. Thoroughly test functionality, especially in the CSM Browser Client.