mApp Editor

The mApp Editor is the built-in interface within CSM Administrator that allows you to manage mApp® Solutions and access various tools for adding definitions to mApp Solution.

Use themApp Editor to:

  • Add Business Objects to a mApp: Use the Add Business Object to mApp Wizard to add Business Objects and their associated Fields, Relationships, Forms, Grids, and Form Arrangements to a mApp Solution.
  • Add CSM Items to a mApp: Use the mApp Solution options button Add to [variable here] Button in CSM Item Managers (or right-click item>Add to mApp) to include things like One-Step Actions, Dashboards, Saved Searches, etc. in a mApp Solution.
  • Open the Definition Reviewer: View and modify Forms, Grids, and Form Arrangements for all Business Objects or for those that have been modified in the mApp Solution.
  • Edit Business Object Data: Use the Edit Data task within a mApp Solution to modify (add, edit, delete) data for a Supporting Object or Lookup Table.
  • Manage mApp Solutions: Use the tasks in the Task Pane and/or File menu to: