Review Visual Elements for All Business Objects

The Definition Reviewer provides a quick way to review and modify Forms, Grids, and Form Arrangements for all Business Objects. This is useful for ensuring consistency and usability across visual elements in your system, especially after you apply translations to your system using the Globalization tool set.

You can review and modify:

  • All visual elements in a Blueprint or mApp
  • Changed visual elements in a Blueprint or mApp

As you modify Forms, Grids, and Form Arrangements in the Definition Reviewer, your changes are saved as you move from definition to definition without having to manually update your Blueprint with changes. This enables you to quickly test and adjust definitions.

To use the Definition Reviewer:

  1. Create a Blueprint or mApp.
  2. Use one of the following methods to open the Definition Reviewer:
    • From the menu bar, select View > Definition Reviewer.
    • Click Definition Reviewer in the task pane.
  3. From the Definition Reviewer, you can:
    1Select the type of definition to review: Forms, Grids, or Form Arrangements.
    2Select to view all definitions for the selected type or only definitions that have changed in the active Blueprint.
    3Search for a definition of the selected type.
    4Toggle the display of the Business Object name to each visual element.
    5Search for fields used in the selected definition.
    6Toggle the Folders option show definitions in folders or in a list from the root node.
    7Scroll through the definitions list to view Forms, Grids, or Form Arrangements in the editor.
    8Use the editor to modify the Form, Grid, or Form Arrangement as needed. See:

    Definition Reviewer

  4. Optionally, right-click on a definition in the list to perform these localization tasks: