About Performance Health Check

The Health Check Tool helps system administrators monitor and optimize system configurations that impact performance.

For example, use the tool to:

  • Find inefficient queries.
  • Find and fix mismatched Def IDs.
  • See which Business Objects can be set as cachable.
  • Send Health Check results to Cherwell Support for analysis on request.
  • Discover missing indexes for Business Object database tables that contain a large number of records.

There are three levels of Health Check tests:

  • Basic: Provides information about your CSM system (runtime at the time the Health Check is performed, foreign key, Def ID mismatch) and the Health Check plug-in. Basic results are included every time you run the Health Check.
  • Rule-based: Provides information for the rules you select when you run the Health Check.
  • Usage Statistics: Provides system and database information not related to the rules you select when you run the Health Check. Examples include expensive database queries, wait statistics, and table sizes.

Run rule-based or usage tests alone or as a set.