Missing Native Rest API Clients

Run the Health Check Tool and select the Missing Native REST API Clients rule. This rule looks for missing REST API clients that should have been created when a native application, such as a CSM Portal, is added to CSM.

Good to Know

  • By selecting Browser and Mobile > Site Manager in the CSM Administrator, you can set up custom login options for a CSM Portal. If your custom login options are not displayed on the Portal as expected, you should run this Health Check rule.

To see information about Missing REST API clients:

  1. Select the Missing Native REST API Clients rule when you run the Health Check Tool (for more information, see Run the Health Check Tool).
    The Missing Client results are displayed in the report.

    Missing native REST API clients

  2. If you get any results in this report, select Repair.
    All missing native client entries are fixed for you.
  3. To verify the report is now empty, re-run the Health Check again with this rule.