Create an Approver Workgroup

Using the Team and Workgroup Manager, create an approver workgroup that you can reuse across multiple Approval blocks. Approver workgroups can contain teams, other workgroups and users and don't impact existing team or customer workgroups.

If configured, record ownership rights (View, Add, Edit, Delete rights) can be extended to managers, departments, and teams/workgroups, so carefully consider the implications of these relationships.

You can also edit and remove one or more members from a workgroup and copy or delete the workgroup using this Teams and Workgroups window.

You can see any approver workgroups you create by configuring an Approval Block.

To create an approver workgroup:

  1. In CSM Administrator, select Security > Edit teams and workgroups to open the Team and Workgroup Manager.
  2. Select the Approver Workgroup option.
    The Manager lists the existing workgroups.
  3. Select Create New and select Approver Workgroup to add a new workgroup to the list.
  4. Define general information for the workgroup:
    1. Select the Info tab.
    2. Provide a name for the workgroup.
    3. Select to open the Image Manager, and then select an existing image or import a new image to represent the item in the UI.
    4. Provide a description to use within CSM (this property can be searched in CSM Item Managers).
  5. Define options for determining how emails are sent to the workgroup (when the workgroup is chosen as the email recipient).
    1. Send to all members who have a valid e-mail address: Select to send emails to all of the addresses for all users and customers in the Workgroup (based on the member list created in the next step).
    2. Send to this alias: Select and then provide the email alias (example: [email protected]) to send emails to an already-defined email alias. This is useful if a company has created an email alias (example: Company Administrators) that mirrors the membership workgroup.
  6. Add users/customers/teams to the workgroup:
    1. Select the Members tab.
    2. Select Add to open the Choose Approvers window.
    3. Using the expanding tree or the search box, find and select a user/customer/team/workgroup to add to the workgroup, and then select OK.
    4. Continue to add more members to your list until finished.

      Select Ctrl + A to select all members in a list and then select the left or right arrow to move them from selected to deselected or vice versa. Double-click a member to add them to the workgroup and close the window at the same time.

    5. Select OK.
  7. Select Save.

When teams and customer workgroups are part of an approver workgroup, the values set for votes required for approval is for all the users and customers within those teams. Voting thresholds cannot be set per team. See Define Approver Properties.