Approvals Good to Know

Use these tips for helpful information on approvals.

  • Approvers can provide approval in the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client by accessing the approval form in the form arrangement of a Business Object record. See Approval Form and Form Arrangements.
  • Approvals can be configured to allow customers to approve items using a portal. See Configure Customer Approvals.

    This does not consume a license.

  • Approvals are Supporting Business Objects that are configured in a Blueprint in CSM Administrator. Approvals are used in conjunction with Major Business Objects.
  • Create your own custom Approver Workgroups in CSM by adding users, customers, teams, and other workgroups. See Create an Approver Workgroup.
  • Use the Approval Editor in CSM Administrator to add approvals to a Major Business Object.
  • Use the Approval Block Editor to create and edit Approval Blocks. An approval consists of one or more Approval Blocks.
  • The Approval Editor is opened from the Object Manager (within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator )
  • The Approval Block Editor is opened from within the Approval Editor.
  • You can use multiple dependent Approval Blocks to define multi-level approvals using different triggers, approvers, and actions for different situations within the same Business Object. For example, an Emergency Change Request might require that all Emergency Change Board members approve the change, whereas a regular server change might require only the approval of a hardware team member. For more information, see Define Multi-Level Approvals.
  • Configure denials as well as approvals. See Approval and Denial Threshold Rules.
  • Delegate some or all of your work, not just approvals, to colleagues when you are unavailable. See About Delegation.
  • Security rights control access to Business Object data and are configured in the Security Group Manager in (Security > Edit Security Groups). For more information, see Security Features Security Rights and Define Business Object Rights (Access to Data).
  • There are Cherwell REST API endpoints available for approvals. See Operations List.
  • Approvals that are part of a Protected mApp™ Solution can have their approvers and email changed but nothing else. See Protected mApp™ Solutions.