About Delegation

Delegation involves handing off your work to one or more delegates when you are unavailable.

  • Delegation isn't approval-specific and can be set up for any Major and Supporting Business Objects where Track Owner has been selected. For example, you can delegate approvals, Incidents, and Change Requests.
  • You can set up multiple delegates, for example, one to cover all your Incidents, one to cover all your Change Requests, etc.
  • You can use delegation in the CSM Browser Client and the CSM Desktop Client.

    Delegation isn't available in the CSM Portal.

  • If you have the rights to do so, you can create, delete, and cancel delegations.
  • If you have insufficient permissions to add or remove delegates, the buttons are inaccessible on the Manage Delegates page.
  • If you choose a delegate who has their own delegate set for the same period, you see the following warning: Warning: Your chosen delegate has set up a delegate of their own between [StartDate] and [EndDate] so they may be unable to pick up your work.
  • If you choose a delegate who has you as their delegate, you see the following warning: Cannot choose [DelegateName] because you are their delegate between [start date time] and [end date time]. The delegate isn't added after closing the error message.
  • To configure a user's ability to manage delegates, see Users Security Rights.