User and Customer Security Groups

Users (Service Desk professionals working in CSM) and Customers (End-Users using the CSM Portal to conduct self-service activities) perform different functions in CSM and, therefore, require different security. Users require access to functionality and data based on their Role as workers in the CSM system. Customers require access to functionality and data based on their Role as initiators of a Service or Product. To facilitate this, CSM provides User and Customer Security Groups.

User Security Overview Customer Security Overview

CSM provides several OOTB Security Groups, both User (Admin, IT Service Desk, IT Service Desk Manager) and Customer (Portal Customer and Manager). You can use these OOTB Security Groups as-is, edit them, or create your own using the Security Group Manager.

When creating a Security Group (CSM Administrator>Security>Edit Security Groups), select one of the following:

  • New Cherwell User Security Group.
  • New Customer Security Group.

User Security Groups have a Users tab to assign Users to the Security Group. Customer Security Groups do not have a Users tab.

A Customer is assigned to a Customer Security Group when you create Customer login credentials (CSM>Customer>Portal Settings>Current Customer Credentials or Batch Customer Credentials).

For more information about the differences between Users and Customers, refer to Differences Between Users and Customers in the Security documentation.