View Business Object Fields

Use the Current Object Values window to view a read-only list of fields and values in an active Business Object directly from the System Analyzer window, rather than modifying forms to show all fields or using One-Step™ Action prompts to show relevant data while troubleshooting.

Good to know:

  • A Business Object record (example: Incident) must be open to view fields and values.
  • All fields are read-only. Security rights control which fields you can view.
  • To enable the ability to copy a value to the clipboard, select a value in the Value column, and then double-click the value or press F2.

To view Business Object fields and values:

  1. With an active Business Object record open in the CSM main window, open the System Analyzer (Help > System Analyzer).
  2. Select the Business Object Field Values button.
    The Current Object Values window opens.
  3. Optionally, define how field values are displayed.
    • Select the Show/Hide Fields button to show or hide fields that do not have values.
    • Select the Sort Fields button to sort fields in folders based on type (example: SLA, Status, Time Tracking, etc.).
    • Select the Relationships button to specify whether or not all Business Object relationships should be loaded.

      If you do not select this option, only the relationships with data that has been loaded will display in the Current Object Values tree. If you select this option, the Current Object Values tree will execute a query against all relationships and cause records to be loaded, even if the relationships have not yet been referenced. Selecting this option might cause additional loading time, and can potentially alter expected behaviors because it affects the order in which operations occur. After this option is selected, clearing it will not affect the current record, since the relationship data will already be displayed. However, it will affect the data displayed for the next record that you view.

  4. Select Close.