Configure Global Task Pane and Search Control Settings

Configure which items appear in the Task Pane or which Search Control is used on the CSM menu bar. These settings can be applied globally to all users or for users assigned to specific roles.

To configure Global/Role Task Pane and Search Control settings:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, click the Settings category, and then click the Edit Default Task Panes and Menu Search task.

    Default is a Global default and applies for all users/roles unless overridden. The small green check mark indicates that Task Pane and Search Settings have been defined for a particular role. If no defaults are defined for a role, members of that role see the Task Pane and Search Settings for the Global default, if defined.

  2. Select Default (Global) or a role, and then click the Edit button.

    The Global or Role Task Pane and Search Settings window opens (our example shows how to edit the OOTB task pane and search settings, which applies to all users and becomes the Default Task Pane Setup).

  3. Configure Task Pane settings:
    • View or hide sections.
    • Add new sections.
    • Configure sections (only applicable to new sections).
    • Delete sections (only applicable to new sections).
    • Organize sections.
  4. View or hide the following sections in the Task Pane (select or clear the corresponding box):
    • Quick Search
    • Common Tasks
    • Actions
    • Queues
    • Process and Terminology
    • Customer Information
  5. Add Sections to the Task Pane:

    Any items added to the Global Task Pane become part of the Global default task pane setup. If editing the Task Pane and Search settings for a role, select the Use default task pane setup check box to use the settings defined for the Global default. This check box must be cleared to add items to a Role Task Pane.

    1. Select Add.
    2. Provide a title for the Task Pane section.
    3. Select Add to open the Action Manager.
    4. Select the CSM Items to show in the Task Pane (Calendars, Commands, Dashboards, Document Repositories, One-Step Actions, Reports, Searches, or Visualizations).
    5. Select OK.

      Select Configure to edit the title and list of Actions for a newly added section. Select Delete to delete a newly added Task Pane section. Use the up/down arrows to change the order of Task Pane sections.

  6. Customize the CSM Search Control in the Menu bar Search Options:
    • Use Default: Uses the OOTB Search Menu Search Widget, which allows users to run a Quick Search on multiple Business Objects simultaneously (example: Knowledge Article, Incident, Problem, and Change Request). Users can also select a Business Object in the drop-down to search one item at a time (example: Specific Search).
    • Use Search Widget: Uses a specific Search Widget. Select the Ellipses button to open the Widget Manager, and then select an existing Search Widget or create a new Search Widget.
    • No Menu Bar Search: Removes the Search Control from the menu bar.