Import External Data Using Trusted Agent

Use Trusted Agent to import external data into existing Business Objects.

To import external data using Trusted Agent, first configure Trusted Agent. For more information, see Configuring Trusted Agent.

Trusted Agent is compatible with any connections available in CSM. You can import data using Trusted Agent, but you cannot link data or import realtime or bidirectional data.

To import external data using Trusted Agent:

  1. Open or Create a Blueprint.
  2. Select an existing Business Object, or create a new Business Object.
  3. Go to Manager > External Connections.
  4. Select Create New.
  5. Select Next on the Welcome page.
  6. Select Use Trusted Agent, and then select one of these options:
    • Any Trusted Agent Group: Select to allow any group to handle requests for this External Connection.
    • Trusted Agent Group: Select a specific group to handle requests for this External Connection.
  7. Continue through the External Connection Wizard.
  8. Map to a Business Object or create a new external Business Object.

    If you are using a new Business Object and you select Link to data on the Import vs Linked page, an error appears on the Data Source page because you can only import data using Trusted Agent.

  9. Select the Database category, and then select the Import Data task.
  10. Complete the steps in the External Data Import Wizard.