App Distribution Catalog

Use the App distribution > App catalog page to view a summary of configured apps and their deployment status.

App catalog screenshot showing a list of configured apps

Follow these steps to create and distribute an app. Select links in the steps for more detail on that step.

  1. Select App distribution > App catalog.
  2. Select Add to begin configuring your app.
  3. On the Overview tab, select Untitled (x) at the top and give your distribution a name. You can also enter a more detailed Description and specify whether this app should allow an On-demand install. You can initiate on-demand installs on the Devices page after creating an app distribution. For details, see Installing an app from the Devices page.
  4. On the Package tab, use the package actions builder to create your package.
  5. On the Distribution tab, specify the targets, app configuration, and installation schedule.

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