Accessing Neurons Patch for Intune

Neurons Patch for Intune is accessed from the main menu of Ivanti Neurons by selecting Patch Management > Patch for Intune.

Your browser needs to be authenticated with Microsoft Azure to enable full functionality. If it is not, a banner appears at the top of the window. Click Reauthenticate to display the Microsoft sign in page in a new window and sign in using your Azure credentials. You can also sign in and out of Azure using the Browser Credentials section under Admin > Patch for Intune Settings.

The Patch for Intune page consists of three sections:

  • A tab selection menu that allows you to switch between the following:

  • A dashboard view along the top contains informational tiles. Select any of the individual tiles to filter the information in the table. The tiles change depending on the tab you selected.
  • A table along the bottom provides the following capabilities depending on the tab you selected:
    • Product management
    • History of product activity
    • Recommendations of products to manage or update

    Use the Refresh Refresh button to update the contents of the table without refreshing the whole webpage.


Select a column filter icon Filter icon to refine the table using any of the predefined attributes. If a filter was applied to a column, the filter icon changes to a solid color Filtered icon.

To remove an applied filter, select the filter icon and clear all attributes.
You can also double-click Select All to quickly select all attributes and then deselect them.

Table Grouping

To group the table using the data in a specific column, select and drag a column header to the area immediately above the table — Drag a column header here to group by that column. Grouping the table by vendor is the most common use of this feature.

You can group the table using multiple column headers.

To remove the table grouping, select and drag the column header(s) back to the table.

Column Filters

Use the column filter search icon under each column header to filter the table using one of the following criteria:

  • contains Contains: Show only entries that contain the specified string.
  • Does not contain Does not contain: Show only entries that do not contain the specified string.
  • Starts with Starts with: Show only entries that begin with the specified string.
  • Ends with Ends with: Show only entries that end with the specified string.
  • Equals Equals: Show only entries that exactly match the specified string.
  • Does not equal Does not equal: Show only entries that do not exactly match the specified string.

To reset the applied column filters, select Reset filter Reset from the filter menu.


Select the sort icon up arrow and down arrow to indicate the sort option in any column header to sort into ascending (Ascending icon) or descending (Descending icon) order. To remove the sorting, right-click the column header and select Clear Sorting from the context menu.


To filter the table, use the Search field Search to enter one or more keywords. The table then shows only entries that contain those keywords. The keywords are matched to any case-insensitive text found within the table.

To remove a search filter, select the clear search icon clear search.