The Advanced View

You can use Query & Output tab to perform queries, with more complex criteria and specifications.

In the advanced view of Query & Output tab, you enter complex queries using a control hierarchy. The hierarchy representing the query has seven top-level nodes.

The top level nodes are used to:

  • Filter on raw data (OR’d criteria) to specify the criteria, based on information actually in the log entries, used to select results to be included in reports generated using the template.
  • Filter on derived data (OR’d criteria) to specify the criteria, based on information derived from the Management Console, used to select results to be included in reports.
  • User defined aggregate functions such as the sum, minimum, maximum, or average of values contained in the log entries.
  • Grouped data to produce a single result corresponding to multiple log entries with the same value for a particular field.
  • Filter on grouped data (OR’d criteria) to determine whether the report generated using the template displays only results where the values for the computed columns match specified criteria.
  • Displayed columns to determine which columns are displayed and their order.
  • Sorting to determine the order in which rows of results are displayed.
  • Insert adds a new child node into the selected node of the tree. If the nodes in the group cannot be reordered then the new node is positioned below any existing nodes.
  • Delete erases a selected child node from the tree.
  • Move up and Move down exchanges a selected node for one place up or down.

When nodes representing columns are selected, a set of controls is displayed to the right. These controls can be used to select columns, criteria, and so forth.

If you are on the Advanced View, you can revert to a simple query by selecting Simple View.

You cannot revert to the Simple Query tab after you have defined a complex query that cannot be represented correctly in the Simple Query tab. In this case, the Simple View is shown as disabled.

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