You specify the criteria you want to use for a particular template using one or more context-dependent Criteria dialogs.

Criteria narrow the query results you. Typically, the more specific you are with your search criteria, the fewer results are returned.

Criteria choices range from a fixed value the Criteria dialog displays to a free text data field where you can use wild cards to delimit the criteria. Other dialogs contain Select or Search commands, for example, when specifying criteria involves matching one or more computers or users.

The Criteria dialog list is displayed when log entry fields contain one of a fixed set of values.

The free-text Criteria dialog is used to filter the query results based on any text that you type in.

The time Criteria dialog is used to search for log entries that were produced, or uploaded to the Application Server, at a certain date/time.

As you define the criteria used in your template, they are displayed in the Criteria column of the Template settings dialog.

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