Initially Configuring Neurons for ITSM

Neurons for ITSM has a built-in wizard to help you set up the application to meet your organization's needs. Before you begin, though, it's important to understand your organizational structure, workflows, and security and network constraints. This section describes what information you'll need and how to use the wizard to perform the initial configuration for Neurons for ITSM.

Planning Your Deployment

Defining Your Organization

Tracking Licenses

Setting Up the Application

Working with Users

Setting Up User Login

Setting Up Email

Configuration Chat

Configuring Mobile Notifications

ITSM-EPM Connector

Vanity URL

Importing and Exporting Data

Working with Web Service Script Integration

Working with Event Management

Working with Service Availability Management

Integrating with the SolarWinds® Log & Event Manager

Configuring SAP® Integration

Configuring the Integration

Working with Localization

Working with Global Constants

Setting Up Hours of Operation

Setting Up Surveys

Using the Clipboard Data Plugin

Importing Knowledge Articles from Other Systems Using the Knowledge Uploader (Knowledge Import Tool)

Working with Currencies

Using the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM Development Project

Asset Processor Configuration

FedRAMP Configurations

Ivanti Automation Integration