Outbound Bridge Application

The Outbound Bridge application, one of several sample applications delivered with Ivanti Voice, lets you configure your system so that all calls made by agents are routed through this voice application. By dialing through a voice application, agent outbound calls are routed through the Ivanti Voice server rather than directly from the agent to the called party. This method is helpful if, for example, your broadband service provider requires you to maintain the call during a third party transfer, if you want to keep statistics on agent outbound calls by agents, or if you want to be able to monitor agents during an outbound call.

To use the Outbound Bridge application for outbound calls made by agents, configure your dial plan to enable calling through the Outbound Bridge voice application. Then configure the Outbound Bridge Application in Applications Selector to specify how and when Ivanti Voice uses the application.

Configure Your Dial Plan

Configure the Outbound Bridge Application in Applications Selector

Alternate Outbound Bridge Application Configuration