Upgrade Tasks Performed on the Console

In order to complete the upgrade, the following tasks must be performed on the Ivanti Patch for Configuration Manager console.

Migrate Your Settings to the SQL Server Database

Patch for SCCM 2020.1 introduced the concept of unified settings. Unlike versions prior to 2020.1, all settings are now saved to a SQL Server database. In addition, most settings are now shared among all users.

After your upgrade to the current version of Patch for Configuration Manager, there may be settings differences that must be migrated using the Data Migration Tool. This tool is launched automatically when you access Patch for Configuration Manager for the first time following the upgrade. The tool can be run just once by any user on any console.

After the migration is complete and you have verified that your settings have been properly preserved, you should create a backup of your new database.

Refresh Your License

If you purchased additional license entitlements, you should refresh your license. To do this, click the Settings toolbar icon, select the License tab and then click Enter / refresh license key.

For details on the license activation process, see License Tab.

Review Your Program Settings

All of your existing program settings should be preserved during the upgrade process. Just to be sure, however, you should click Settings and verify all configuration options on all of the tabs. In particular:

  • On the License tab, verify that the license key details and expiration date are as you expect.
  • On the Application Management tab, specify the folder that will be used to store the installers for any third-party applications that you choose to deploy.

Review Your Scheduled Tasks

If you had a scheduled task defined, verify that it is now contained in the new Automation Scheduler calendar.

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