About Machine Groups

Security Controls uses machine groups to keep track of the machines that are included in a particular scan. Even the local machine My Machine is considered a machine group. Among the predefined machine groups are:



My Machine

This group includes only the local machine.

My Domain

Includes all of the machines that are a part of the domain to which the scanning computer is joined.

My Test Machines

A group of machines that represent a 'smaller' view of your actual network environment. A machine of each type that is typically scanned should be added to this group and used for testing purposes.

Entire Network

Includes all machines currently viewable in the discoverable network.

You can perform a number of agentless operations on your machine groups. If a machine in a machine group contains an agent, it means the machine can be acted upon by both the console (via an agentless operation) and by the machine's agent policy. Agent-based machines that are not part of a machine group can be tracked in Machine View and Scan View using the Assigned Group tag.

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