How to Initiate a Scan of an ESXi Hypervisor

There are multiple ways to initiate a scan of your ESXi hypervisors.

Scanning One or More Managed ESXi Hypervisors

  1. In the vCenter Servers list, select the desired vCenter Server.
  2. In the top pane, select the desired ESXi hypervisor(s).
  3. Initiate the scan using either the Scan button along the top of the table or the right-click menu.

Scanning a Managed or Unmanaged ESXi Hypervisor

  1. In the vCenter Servers list or the ESXi Hypervisors list, select the desired ESXi hypervisor.
  2. In the header area, click Scan.

Viewing Scan Results

The Operations Monitor is used to monitor the status of the hypervisor scan. The bulletins discovered during the scan can be found on the Bulletins tab of your managed or unmanaged hypervisor. Remember to select View > Refresh to view the most current information.