Viewing Information About a vCenter Server

When you select a vCenter Server in the Virtual Inventory list, information about that vCenter Server is displayed in a header area and in two panes. Both panes display unique information and provide unique functionality. The two panes are interrelated—the information presented in the bottom pane is dependent on what is selected in the top pane. This "top down" approach means you use the top pane to view overview information about the hypervisors being managed by the vCenter server, and you use the bottom pane to drill down to more detailed information about specific hypervisors.

The header area provides basic configuration information about the selected vCenter server.

The top pane displays the ESXi hypervisors that are being managed by the selected vCenter Server. See the following topics for information on using the top pane:

Searching the List of Hypervisors

Scanning One or More Hypervisors

Deploying Bulletins to a Hypervisor

Customizing the Column Headers

The bottom pane contains two tabs: The VMs/Templates tab displays information about the virtual machines and virtual machine templates that are contained on the selected ESXi hypervisor(s). The Bulletins tab shows the status of the security bulletins that have been issued for the selected hypervisor(s). See the following topics for information on using the bottom pane:

Powering On and Off the Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Templates

Adding the Virtual Machines to a Machine Group

Searching the List of Virtual Machines

Applying Missing Bulletins to an ESXi Hypervisor

Customizing the Column Headers