Initiating a Bulletin Deployment to an ESXi Hypervisor

  1. In the vCenter Servers list or the ESXi Hypervisors list, select the desired ESXi hypervisor.
  2. On the Bulletins tab, select the desired bulletin(s).
    You can deploy an individual bulletin, multiple bulletins, or all missing bulletins to a single ESXi hypervisor.
  3. Click either Deploy latest bulletins or Deploy selected bulletins.
    • Deploy latest bulletins: Initiates the deployment of all bulletins that are missing on the ESXi hypervisor. This will include only those bulletins that have not been replaced by newer bulletins.
    • TIP: Use the Only show latest check box to see which bulletins will be deployed if you click Deploy latest bulletins.

    • Deploy selected bulletins: Initiates the deployment of the selected bulletins.

This will launch the ESXi Hypervisor Deployment dialog, which you will use to configure the deployment.