Data Analytics overview

Use the Data Analytics tools that install with Ivanti® Management Suite to significantly increase your IT asset-management capabilities in the areas of procurement, auditing, tracking, and reporting.

This help provides detailed conceptual and procedural information about configuring and using the Data Analytics tools. You can navigate the help topics in the Ivanti Help Center or perform a search using a specific key word or phrase to find the information you want.

About the tools

A parent item called Data Analytics appears in the Management Suite console's Tools menu and Toolbox containing these seven tools that help you track, manage, and report on IT assets:

Asset Control: Boosts your ability to discover and manage assets. A primary element of endpoint device management is the ability to identify those devices within your infrastructure. Discovery is no longer just about hardware; software discovery and inventory are just as important.

Console Extender: Adds data-related tasks to the Management Suite console through right-click menus.

Data Translation Services: Enables you to use a powerful data-mining engine to scan your organization's devices for the inventory data you most care about—data relating to software licensing, warranties, and so on.

Database Doctor: Helps you avoid data corruption and normalize data to reduce multiple product names and instances of data.

Discovery Services: Adds discovery services for devices without an Ivanti agent that you may not have managed in the past, such as printers and other SNMP devices on your network. While you may not need to manage some of these devices directly, it’s important to have some measure of control over all of your organization's IT assets.

Executive Report Pack: Enables you to expand, organize, and publish Ivanti reports to personnel based on their individual roles.

Rapid Deployment: Ensures that the Ivanti agent is always available on all devices.

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