Configuring device agents

Devices need the Endpoint Manager agents on them to be fully manageable. For additional information on agent deployment options and best practices, see this article on the ivanti community.

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The Agent configuration window lets you create new agent configurations for Windows, Linux, and Macintosh devices. The agent configurations you create can then be pushed to clients using the console's Scheduled tasks window.

NOTE: Creating device configurations for Windows devices not enabled for management
If you have Windows devices that are part of a Windows domain, you can push a configuration to those devices even if the standard Ivanti agent and the remote control agents aren't present. For more information, see the deployment documentation on the Ivanti community at

NOTE: Agent configuration in mixed-language environments
When creating agent configurations in mixed-language environments, make sure the agent configuration name uses only ASCII characters (English character set). An English core server is compatible with all supported languages. However, if the agent configuration name uses a non-ASCII characters, such as Japanese, Chinese, or Russian, the agent configuration must be created on a core/console of that same language and will only work on devices using the same language. For example an agent configuration that includes Japanese characters must be created on a Japanese core, and must be deployed to a Japanese client.